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Description: CHEVROLET Duramax 305/350 late model hydraulic roller cam
Item #: CHE-DUR-305/350-HR
Condition: New
Price: $338.99

Description: Healthy power gains from idle to 4200 rpm, 8% increase in torque without any compromise in reliability. Designed to drop in a stock Duramax engine and be used as a daily driver, excellent boost and...More Details »
Item #: CHE-DUR-6600
Condition: New
reconditioned OEM camshaft
Price: $799.00

Description: massive power gains over 440 rwhp on 6.1 litre builds with a healthy distinctive exhaust tone. race springs required and 6.1 length pushrods
Item #: DOD-HEM-5.7-HR
Condition: New
Price: $511.00
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Items 1-3 of 3

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