Warranty Statement of Policy. All Daniel Crower LLC products are tested on our in house dynamometer and proven on the track. Daniel Crower LLC does not warrant performance of the products due to Daniel Crower LLC's lack of control during installation and usage. Warranty is void on any race application. Daniel Crower LLC neither delegates nor authorizes any person(s) to assume obligations or liabilities on behalf of Daniel Crower LLC in connection with any Daniel Crower LLC products or sales of Daniel Crower LLC products or those of their vendors. Nothing in this statement shall alter or enlarge the terms of the warranties, obligations or liabilities issued with these products. Warranty provisions applies to all camshafts, valve train components, engines and engine kits, pistons, rods, and other components sold by Daniel Crower LLC.

*Our camshafts and components are high performance racing parts not intended for everyday use. They are intended for serious racers and made for optimal power and performance, in a racing application, and are not made for longevity past a normal race. While we do our best to walk a fine line between power, performance and longevity because our components are made for peak performance and power as first priority this may compromise longevity. As a customer you must keep this in mind.*