Return Policy | Daniel Crower Racing


We will take back anything we sell with a few exceptions:

  1. There is a re-stocking fee of up to 50%.
  2. We cannot take back used or installed parts, even if only installed for fitment. There are NO returns on custom ground camshafts of any kind for any reason. Our camshafts and components are high performance racing parts not intended for everyday use. They are intended for serious racers and made for optimal power and performance, in a racing application, and are not made for longevity past a normal race. While we do our best to walk a fine line between power, performance and longevity because our components are made for peak performance and power as first priority this may compromise longevity. As a customer you must keep this in mind.
  3. Parts must be unused, uninstalled, resalable and in their original packaging.
  4. Engines must be returned in their entirety and must not have been used, run or raced. If Daniel Crower Racing finds evidence of usage, excessive usage, over revving, valve wear or pump gas in the engine, it will not be accepted for return.
  5. Engine over rev is a common problem in racing, all valve train, camshaft, connecting rod and crankshaft related components go thru extreme abuse in the higher rpm’s of racing. Daniel Crower Racing cannot warranty any type of components after a misuse by over-revving an engine. Never free rev any engine to the rev limiter since extreme damage can occur when the valves bounce open and hit the piston/head at top dead center.
  6. Please call us at 951-296-9669 or 877-951-2267 to arrange for any returned products. Please include a copy of your invoice with the return. We suggest the shipper/customer also take pictures of all parts, engines, etc. they are sending back before sending them. Also get a tracking number or confirmation of delivery. Any parts, engines, etc. that are shipped to us are the responsibility of the shipper/customer.
  7. We reserve the right not to accept any components, engines, etc. for return.
  8. Shipping and/or handling is also non-refundable and the responsibility of the Customer.