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Daniel Crower Racing Husqvarna FC & FE Camshafts

Precision Ground Motorcycle Camshafts Made in Southern California

Leading competition around the world in Motocross, Supermoto, Desert racing, AMA Flat Track, Hillclimb & More 

Over 60 years of Crower Racing heritage & Camshaft expertise goes into each spec profile.

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Description: Adjustable Billet GP Cam Set
Item #: HUS-FC-250-S4
Condition: New
Price: $1,899.00
Sale: $1,598.00
Save: 16%
Save: $301.00

Price: $928.00

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Price: $474.00

Description: Hi torque gains and faster revving engine with improved throttle response , makes animals out of the Husqvarna 350 , fits all stock engines well.
Item #: HUS-FC-350-I2
Condition: New
Price: $474.00

Description: Custom DCR valve shims are made from precision drill rod material, hardened and custom ground to the thickness you select. fits KTM/Husqvarna 250/350/450 engines with shim diameter of 8.90mm outside diameter. $20.00 is per shim
Item #: KTM-8.90-VS
Condition: New
MM increments of 2.65, 2.70, 2.75, 2.80, 2.85, 2.90, 2.95, 3.00, 3.05, 3.10, 3.15- please indicate
Free shipping when combined with a cam purchase. Shipping will be calculated if purchased separately. Usually ships 3-5 days from the day ordered
Price: $20.00

Price: $689.00

Ktm 450SXF DCR 470cc big bore kit
Description: DCR 470cc big bore kit for the 2023-15.5 KTM SXF-450 - 97mm Cylinder 470cc - +2mm 14.8 cr High Comp. Piston - Piston rings, Clips + Wrist pin - DCR V4 Pro Welded Camshaft -...More Details »
Item #: Ktm-sxf-bbk
Condition: New
in stock
Price: $2,739.00
Sale: $2,598.00
Save: 5%
Save: $141.00

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