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  • (X) Model/Item: Grom/MSX 125
  • (X) Year: 2017

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Description: 2014-19 Honda Grom and Monkey bike racing camshaft. Our highest performing MSX-125 camshaft , delivers unmatched profile lift velocity , for radical street / track racing. Makes maximum power in...More Details »
Item #: HON-MSX-125-R2
Condition: New
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Price: $229.00
Sale: $169.00
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Description: Get maximum RPM potential from your racing grom ! Tungsten alloy dual spring specifically made for high rpm racing use. Specifically designed to compliment our racing cams OVER 11,000 rpm with no valve float.
Item #: HON-MSX-125-SPK
Condition: New
Price: $89.00
Sale: $79.00
Save: 11%
Save: $10.00

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Description: 2014-2019 Honda Grom and Monkey bike Camshaft designed to improve all around performance of the engine. The R1 gives power delivery from low end to top and is Designed to fit standard springs &...More Details »
Item #: HON-MSX-125-R1
Condition: New
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Price: $199.00
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View Universal items for: Honda, Grom/MSX 125, 2017