Mission Statement

Daniel Crower LLC dba Daniel Crower Racing and DCR Cams was created to make custom engineered camshafts for racing & performance applications in smaller quantities.  Typically when you call a camshaft company to get cams made they will only sell you their catalog cams and if you want custom cams made you have to order in larger quantities. Racing and racing engines change constantly so Daniel Crower wanted to provide race teams and performance enthusiasts alike the ability to order in smaller quantities so that their cams and engines could adapt to the changing racing environment. Daniel develops the specifications for camshafts and finish grinds by hand every one that comes out of his shop.  This custom approach and attention to detail takes a little longer but is worth the wait.


When Daniel started grinding cams with his dad, Hot Rod Hall of Fame & Racing legend H. Bruce Crower in 1994, they were mostly grinding custom camshafts for Indy Racing league teams. Spending each day alongside his dad, doing research, engine building, testing and grinding different cams with his dad taught Daniel how to engineer camshafts to come up with specs that give the motors more power and performance.

Daniel took that experience with his dad and started his own shop. Much like an artist Daniel finishes each camshaft by hand. This might be “Old School” to some but the precision it gives his cams vs a CNC machine is worth the time to him. All DCR Billet camshafts start in our CNC lathe from a solid Billet bar and are machined into cam blanks on the lathe. He then rough grinds, heat treats and finish grinds every camshaft by hand.  It may take a little longer but it is part of what makes his camshafts the best. 

If we do not offer a camshaft in Billet for your application Daniel can custom grind your camshaft core to his specs. Owning his own camshaft machine gives Daniel the ability to custom grind camshafts for almost any application. Daniel has ground camshafts for everything from Indy cars, Dirt Bikes, and UTV’s to generator cams for a Hybrid car attempting to set a record for going across the United States.  If you are looking for custom camshaft consulting, grinding or repairs Daniel Crower Racing can help you, give us a call 951-296-9669 email dan@danielcrowerracing.com or contact us on Facebook or Instagram.